Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition Modding

Custom Games Installed on your Official NES Mini Classic Edition Console!

NES Classic Mod: $40 – Same Day Service!**
Flat Rate! No additional fees for adding more games or systems.
Package includes limited support and free critical updates.
Cheats available for additional cost

**Depends on the games/systems you would like installed, as well as when the system is dropped off.


Nintendo 2DS/3DS Mod Services (All models and firmware versions!)

If you want to hack your 2DS/3DS (ANY 2DS/3DS/3DSXL/n3DS/n3DSXL), but your firmware is too high or on an undesirable version, I can downgrade your firmware, install a9lh etc, and then update you to the latest firmware which at the time of writing this is 11.2.0-35U.
Update: 11.3 is now the latest Firmware and is at this time undesirable. I strongly advise against updating.

All of the systems I mod include A9LH, Luma3DS, Homebrew Launcher, FBI, freeshop etc, they’re also futureproof and updatable. You can even use the e-shop!

Blue Screen Error? Won’t turn on? Bricked? I can fix that!

Hardmod $60 – No visible modification
Hardmod w/ External NAND Read/Write access $90 – Visible modification

Please note:
At this time I can’t guarantee same day service.
Service time is 1-3 days. If you do not want to wait, I do offer brand new and pre-owned systems for sale ready to go (SOLD OUT!).

Unlike others offering softmod/transfer services, I’m not limited to the number of these I can do in a day/week so long as I have the time.

Limited support is available, conditions apply.