Every amiibo in your pocket?

We can finally stop carrying our backpack full of amiibos!

This nifty little device will allow you to select the amiibo you want to play with and then load it onto the Tag. Unlike other Tags, this one is re-writeable!

$59.99 [Pre-Order: 1-2 Weeks, Extremely limited stock!]


  • Re-Writeable for an unlimited selection of amiibo on one device.
  • Back up your amiibo saves – don’t risk losing your valuable saves.
  • Restore your character in seconds.
  • Try out new saves for your character.
  • Wipe and back up a different save


  • You can only have (1) amiibo on the Tag at a time.
  • Requires NFC compatible phone or NFC Writer and Computer to change amiibo.

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