The Ultimate Must Have All-in-1 Amiibo!

Wish you could have all of your amiibo in your pocket?
Don’t want to carry around a collection of nfc tags or cards?

Now you can!

This awesome device will emulate ANY amiibo you choose!

  • Easily and quickly change between characters
  • Keep your original amiibo in pristine condition by using this instead
  • Family sharing of characters with multiple save states !
  • Backup multiple save states of your favorite character !
  • Play multiple games with one character ! (just back it up into 2 amiiqo slots !!! )
  • Compatible with most NFC Writers  and Android Devices with NFC functionality.

Sale Price: $59.99 or $90.00 w/ NFC Reader-Writer.
– Hurry, Quantity is Limited!


Q: How many characters can this device hold at once?
A: The device itself only stores (1) character at a time for use.  Other characters are stored on your NFC capable Android Device, and can be loaded in a mater of seconds using your NFC capable Android device or NFC Writer.

Q: Does this work the same as the originals?
A: Yes, It’s able to imitate ANY amiibo and works 100% the same as the original.

Q: Does this work with my Nintendo system?
A: It’s fully compatible with Nintendo Switch, Wii U, *2DS, *3DS, New 3DS, 3DSXL and anything else an Amiibo works on (Nintendo *NFC Reader/Writer Required).

Q: Does my system need to be modded?
A: No. Just as you wouldn’t need a modded system to use an orginal Amiibo, you don’t need a modded system to use these. They’re 100% Compatible and the system doesn’t know the difference.

Q: Can I see it work before I buy it?
A: Sure, just bring your system with you and I’ll be happy to demonstrate how simple it is. If you don’t want to bring your system I can demonstrate some on my 3DS unit.

Q: Do NFC tags work with the iPhone?
No. While the iPhone 6/6S/7 has an NFC module, it is currently locked for exclusive use of Apple Pay.
A: I hope that iPhone users will be able to enjoy the benefits of NFC in the future! But for now, I suggest using a NFC writer for PC or buying/switching to a superior Android device ;P. You can actually buy portable NFC Writers!

Q: Is my phone NFC compatible?
A: The NFC World website maintains an updated list of NFC phones.
NFC phones: The definitive list

Custom amiibo figures!

For those of you wanting something a little different and nerdy, I’m offering custom amiibo figures using Perler Beads since I’ve have a few million of them laying around since 2011.

Once I get my hands on some other materials, I will be making them out of all kinds of stuff!

All of these are fully functional amiibo that can be scanned just like a real amiibo. Each amiibo is tested before sale to ensure they are fully functional.

$20.00/ea – SOLD OUT!
Limited Time Offer!

Custom amiibo cards now available for pre-order!


The Nintendo Switch might be portable, but your Zelda amiibo figures are somewhat less so. Take your amiibo collection on the go with these Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild inspired custom amiibo cards. Fully functional, and professionally cut and printed.

*Includes the custom card and NFC tag ONLY. Figure NOT included!

Select any of the following Zelda amiibo’s :
-Link (Super Smash Bros.)
-Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros.)
-Zelda (Super Smash Bros.)
-Sheik (Super Smash Bros.)
-8-bit Link (30th Anniversary)
-Link (Ocarina of Time)
-Toon Link (Super Smash Bros.)
-Toon Link (Wind Waker)
-Toon Zelda (Wind Waker)
-Wolf Link (Breath of the Wild)
-Archer Link (Breath of the Wild)
-Rider Link (Breath of the Wild)
-Zelda (Breath of the Wild)
-Bokoblin (Breath of the Wild)
-Guardian (Breath of the Wild)
-Majora’s Mask Link
-Skyward Sword Link

(Other amiibo characters are available by request!)

Buy 5, Get 1 Free!
Buy 10, Get 5 Free!!

Want more than 10? Contact me for a quote.

These cards are made to order and depending on your order, may require 1-2 weeks to prepare. Pre-Orders are now being accepted!

Every amiibo in your pocket?

We can finally stop carrying our backpack full of amiibos!

This nifty little device will allow you to select the amiibo you want to play with and then load it onto the Tag. Unlike other Tags, this one is re-writeable!

$59.99 [Pre-Order: 1-2 Weeks, Extremely limited stock!]


  • Re-Writeable for an unlimited selection of amiibo on one device.
  • Back up your amiibo saves – don’t risk losing your valuable saves.
  • Restore your character in seconds.
  • Try out new saves for your character.
  • Wipe and back up a different save


  • You can only have (1) amiibo on the Tag at a time.
  • Requires NFC compatible phone or NFC Writer and Computer to change amiibo.

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NES Classic Rewards
Earn (1) free update for yourself and a friend/family member when you refer them to my service.  *BONUS OFFER; Get (1) Free NES Classic Controller Extension Cable with every system purchase or minimum $40 mod package. *Limited Time Offer, While Supplies Last.

Sega Genesis Mini Console Now Available!

Image of an NES Classic next to the SEGA Genesis. Mini
The NES Classic Edition has a new friend 🙂

The perfect companion for your NES Classic Edition!

Officially designed and made by SEGA, these systems have been modified to become the perfect companion for your NES Classic Edition.

Package Includes:
System, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, and Two 6 Button SEGA Controllers.

Limited Quantities Available!  [In Stock: 14]