Sega Genesis Mini Console Now Available!

Image of an NES Classic next to the SEGA Genesis. Mini
The NES Classic Edition has a new friend 🙂

The perfect companion for your NES Classic Edition!

Officially designed and made by SEGA, these systems have been modified to become the perfect companion for your NES Classic Edition.

Package Includes:
System, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, and Two 6 Button SEGA Controllers.

Limited Quantities Available!  [In Stock: 14]

Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition Modding

Custom Games Installed on your Official NES Mini Classic Edition Console!

NES Classic Mod: $40 – Same Day Service!**
Flat Rate! No additional fees for adding more games or systems.
Package includes limited support and free critical updates.
Cheats available for additional cost

**Depends on the games/systems you would like installed, as well as when the system is dropped off.